I have always been fascinated by little-known corners of the world. Armed with my camera, I travelled in West Africa, USA and Jamaica as a teenager. It was during this time that I realised the great potential for my camera to be used as a window into the lives of others. I became committed, not just to capture a country’s aesthetic beauty and charm, but to acquire a deeper knowledge of the people, the architecture and the land.

I studied Visual Arts in Brest and started my career as a full-time photographer in 2006, after receiving a grant to capture images of sailing boats in Brittany. I then left France and moved to Eritrea, a country known for its political paranoia and reporting restrictions. However, I had the fortune to meet many people who were willing to give me a unique insight into their lives as well as their history, politics and traditions. 

I then got my first job in the humanitarian sector with UNICEF and decided I wanted to continue to document the work of NGOs and the UN in different formats.

Work Experience 2007 – 2018

Photo Reports:

-UNFPA Ghana


-FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) International

-SGEC-Congo/EGIS International

-WFP Djibouti

-UNRCO Djibouti (Resident Coordinator’s Office)

-UNICEF UK / Bhutan (Education, nutrition and climate change in Bhutan)

-infoasaid (Photo/video report to document ActionAid’s communication project Kenya)

-infoasaid (Photo/video report to document World Vision’s communication project in South East Kenya)

-UNICEF UK / Niger (Nutrition programme and Mangaize refugee camp in Niger)

-WFP (World Food Programme) Libya

-ACTED Libya

-IMC (International Medical Corps) Libya


-GIZ Uganda


-GTZ Yemen

-SciencesPo. Paris / Kuwait programme

-French Red Cross: Shabwa and Dhamar Governorates, Yemen

-Médecins du Monde: Hajjah Governorate, Yemen

-France Coopération Yemen: Photo exhibition for International Women’s Day. Photo reports throughout Yemen of NGO’s

-supported by FCY (CARE, DIA, SOUL, AL-SADA, CDF...)
-Dome International LLC Yemen: Balhaf gas liquidation and export site, Shabwa Governorate, Yemen
-Total E&P Yemen: Oil extraction site, Seyun Governorate, Yemen
-DIA (French NGO): Taiz Governorate, Yemen
-RFI (Radio France Internationale Musique)
-Yemen Observer and Yemen today

-Freelance Photographer/Graphic Desigher (2005-2007)

-Specialist Photo Editing/Photographer (2001-2005)


-‘Hostile environment training’, TOR UK (May 2012)

-Participation in the French-German project Sana'a, City of light
-Photography training for UNICEF staff, Asmara, Eritrea
-Communication development for the establishment of ‘Eritrean Handicrafts Association’, supported by the French Cooperation, Asmara, Eritrea (photo reporting, logo design, postcards, background pamphlets, posters)
-2001-2003, Phox Photo (Lorient, France) Intern, multimedia and computer graphics

Education and Qualifications:

2001-2003 MJM Institute of Applied Arts and Graphic Design (Rennes, France) Professional Diploma

2000 Buroscope (Rennes, France) Professional Training Certificate in Desktop Publishing

1993-1995 Lanroze High School (Brest, France) BTEC Diploma, Audio-Visual Arts